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Online Strategy

To deliver a great website it is not simply a question of slotting the content provided by the author into a nice looking design. Some real thought needs to be taken into how to ensure the site succeeds.

We conduct 3 strategic consultations with the Author to understand their work, the target audience and strategies required for success.

Sessions are conducted online using Skype or Video Conferencing, and take around an hour to an hour and a half for each session. In advance of each session the consultant will conduct predatory research and follow this up after the session with further research all the findings will be presented in a final written report.

Session 1 – Author & Subject Matter

This introductory session sets out to introduce the author to the consultant, to understand their personality and unique perspective and why they are an author. To understand the life experiences that have led them to write and their sources of inspiration.

We then delve into the books themselves, what is unique and surprising, where they fit in established genres, where they cross-over and break new ground.

We then look at the design of the cover art and the “brand” of the author, we discuss the imagery, emotional tone of the book(s) and how this affects the brand, we discuss other authors and brands in similar genres that have achieved success and where the differences lie.

Session 2 – Target Audience Profile

In session 2 we look to better understand the audience for the book. We try and specifically look at an individual that closely matches the ideal target reader and try to understand them in detail.

We look at their hobbies, interests and what TV and Films they might enjoy as well as other Authors.

We try to get an understanding of what they do online, where they hangout online what their habits are, which social media platforms they use etc.

We further examine other authors and perhaps TV and Film and how they are represented online to gain insight on which approaches might be successful.

Session 3 – Website Structure & Content Strategy

In our final session we will review the content that the site requires both initially and going forward, we will explore the language and tone of the site and what the key messages to the audience is.

We will discuss the goals of the visitor and what the ideal outcome for a visitor is, weather it is to view a video, follow on social media, sign up to an email newsletter or link to amazon to make a purchase.

Report Review

Our final report will be presented which will provide clarity on the online marketing strategy for the author and a clear guide for the next steps of building the website to ensure that the site delivered is exactly what is required for success.

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